TO:  Members of the Department,


It is with regret that I must inform you that the Department of Arizona Fall Conference is being cancelled for this year.  There were several factors involved in reaching this decision, not the least of which are concerns over the virus situation and its impact on our fellow citizens.  In addition, based on a sensing of attendance, it was determined that we would not have sufficient attendance to meet earlier commitments and that is most unfortunate.  The Lake Havasu Detachment and all involved with the planning and execution for this event are to be commended for their efforts to date however we, as well as many others, have been overtaken by events beyond our control.

The Department is presently examining viable options to offset this cancellation and still meet the goals and objectives of  the Fall Conference within the parameters provided by the National Headquarters.  It is anticipated that we will be prepared to present our plan by the 15th of August and all hands will be so advised at that time.

Again, I wish to sincerely thank the Lake Havasu Detachment Marines and the community of Lake Havasu City for their generous assistance and dedicated efforts in support of our endeavors.  Cancelling this event was a difficult decision to make however, it was done in the best interests of all concerned considering all factors involved.  As with all things, we shall adjust, adapt and overcome and do so, together as a TEAM , living up to our motto as Marines, “Semper Fidelis!”




Larry Brown


Department of Arizona, Marine Corps League

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