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About the Marine Corps League

The Marine Corps League is the only congressionally chartered United States Marine Corps related veterans organization in the United States. Its congressional charter was approved by the 75th U.S. Congress and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 4, 1937. The organization credits Major General John A. Lejeune, the 13th Marine Corps commandant, as one of its founding members.The Marine Corps League is the only congressionally chartered United States Marine Corps related veterans organization in the United States. Its congressional charter was approved by the 75th U.S. Congress and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 4, 1937. The organization credits Major General John A. Lejeune, the 13th Marine Corps commandant, as one of its founding members.

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Juan (Joe) Uribe

The Commandant shall preside and moderate at all regular meetings and special meetings of the Department; He shall ensure the observance of all regulations; and appoint such officers and committees as required and not otherwise addressed. He shall seek the advice and council of the Department Staff. He shall appoint a Chairman of all standing committees and shall function as an ex-officio member of all committees established. The Commandant shall ensure that proper procedure and decorum are maintained at all times, using Roberts Rules as a guide.

Frank Alger
Sr. Vice Commandant

The Senior Vice-Commandant shall assist the Commandant and preside during the absence of the Commandant. He shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him by the Commandant. He shall preside as Chairman of the Department Staff, and pursue, initiate, and implement all programs that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department. He shall keep a written record of all significant actions of the office. He shall surrender all Department property and records to his duly elected successor.


Member of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Class of 2023.


Current Department of Arizona Sr. Vice.


I have been an ACTIVE officer in the Department of AZ Marine Corps League from 2002-Present having served as SGT-AT-ARMS 2002-2005, Historian 2005-2007, Assistant Chaplain/Chaplain 2007-2020, Adjutant 2020-2023, Webmaster 2021-present, Department Judge Advocate 2023-2024, and Young Marine Liaison 2006-2024.


Past Commandant for the Saguaro Detachment Marine Corps League, 2002-2006.  Young Marine Liaison 2022-2020.  Detachment Marine of the Year 2011


Past Commandant 2021-2023 and current Chaplain for the Casa Grande Detachment Marine Corps League


Southwest Division MCL Young Marine Liaison 2016-2018 and Aide-De-Camp for AZ 2023-Present. SW Division Marine of the year 2022.


Founding member and Unit Commander, East Valley Young Marines, 2005-2019 and Unit Paymaster 2020- present.


Grand Canyon Regiment of the Young Marines Volunteer of the year 2008 and 2011 and National Young Marine Volunteer of the year 2011.


Battalion Commander, Patriot BN Young Marines, 2007-2009


Regimental Commander, Grand Canyon Regiment Young Marines, 2009-2019


Pack of Arizona Dog Robber, 2019-present


Past Pound Keeper of the Road Runner Pound 112, having served in a variety of positions, 2004-2021


Sr Vice Pound Keeper and Webmaster, Corsair Pound 99, 2021-present


Legacy Life Member Bronze of the VFW and Department of Arizona Webmaster


Life member of the American Legion


Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans


Employment History:


I was an Assisted Living Caregiver and a Licensed Manager for Assisted Living Facilities from 2005 to 2019. I have been working as an Enrollment Counselor since 2008 and am currently with the University of Phoenix. I am also a professional photographer in Casa Grande, and you can see his work at


Educational History:

I hold several Certificates and have earned several Photography Diplomas, have earned my Pharmacy Technician Diploma, Associate of Arts in General Studies, Bachelor’s in Business, Master’s in Education, and Master’s in Public Health

Ernie Saboni
Jr. Vice Commandant

The Junior Vice-Commandant shall assume the duties of the Senior Vice-Commandant in his absence and shall be responsible for arranging the social affairs of the Department. He shall provide programs and refreshments at the regular meetings and shall preside as Chairman of the Membership Committee. He shall keep a written record of all significant actions of the office. He shall surrender all Department property and records to his duly elected successor.

Hugues Byrne
Judge Advocate

The Judge Advocate will act as legal council to the Department and advise the Department Commandant, Officers and members concerning the the regulations and laws of the Department of the Marine Corps League. He shall render opinions of law that may arise concerning any of the Administrative Procedures or By-Laws of the Department as listed within Administrative Procedures and By-Laws of the Marine Corps League. The Judge Advocate shall reduce his opinions to writing and file a copy thereof with the Department Adjutant and Commandant. The Department may employ outside counsel if deemed necessary by and with the approval of the Commandant and the Department Staff. He shall keep a record of all actions of the office and placed in records as deemed necessary. He shall surrender all records to his duly elected successor.


Hugues Byrne has been a presence in the Arizona veteran community since his retirement from the Federal Civil Service and his distinguished Military Career (both USMC and AZANG). 

He started with working with the VFW Post 1677 in 2019 and took a failing post (there were about three months from closing) and brought it back to life.  VFW Post 1677 is now very involved in the Casa Grande Community and is a thriving VFW Post. Hugues was a VFW post All State Commander four times, with one of those times being the All-State Commander Captain (Top Post Commander in the State).   He was also VFW Post Quartermaster All-State and All American responsible for all financial data membership enrollment, inventory of all equipment in post.

He was VFW Post 1677 Commander during COVID and initiated the Beat Covid program.  Through this program he assisted his community by collecting over $31,000 and delivering over 6,000 care packages to the members of the community that needed real help during this time.  Through this program he volunteered over 600 hours and managed over 15 volunteers to ensure that his community received the help they desperately needed.

Hugues served as the VFW District 10 Commander (a district that had eight posts) from June 2021 to My 2022 and his job was to Mentors, assists, and solves issues with post commanders within his district.  He was awarded the All-State and All-American Commander for his exemplary work as District Commander.

He currently serves as the Department of Arizona VFW convention committee chairperson where he negotiates all conference and conventions contracts for the state of Arizona sets up all meetings space banquet dinner and lunches.

Hugues is a Life member VFW Military Order of the Cootie organization and works to support our VA homes and hospitals and veterans that are hospitalized.  He has served in a variety of billet in this organization over the years.

He is also serving as the Department of Arizona VFW Department Surgeon. In this position he interfaces with veterans’ administration, Department of Veteran’s Service and other organizations to gather current health care information for all veterans. He also represents the Department of Arizona VFW at events and seminars.

In addition to all his other awards he has earned in the VFW, in June 2023 he was awarded the Gil La Montoya award.  This award is presented by Department of Arizona to only one comrade once a year and it can be only awarded once in lifetime for efforts that go above and beyond call of duty.

He is also the VFW National Convention Memorial Services Chairperson. This ceremony will be held at the National Convention and is a memorial service event honoring our deceased veterans their family members and honoring our gold star families. The 2023 VFW National Convention is being held in Phoenix AZ.

Along with his service in the VFW he is also a Life member of American Legion Post 133 in Casa Grande and has been on the Casa Grande Veterans Day Parade committee from 2019-2022.  The Veterans Day Parade Committee not only coordinates parade for veterans’ day but also raises the funds to ensure that the City of Casa Grande Honors those that have served our Country.

Hugues is also Member of VFW Picacho Peak Riders. He has performed over 15 escort rides and fundraisers over the last two year which support the veterans in our community.

Hugues is also Life member of Marine Corp League Detachment 901.  He has served as Commandant, Sr vice Commandant, and is currently serving as Jr Vice Commandant.  These are the officers of detachment responsible of the running of the organization.

He has also been selected to become a member of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs (MODD).  This is the Fun and Order Society of the Marine Corps League that raises money to support our local Children’s Hospitals and raises funds for special projects within the State.

Hugues was selected as the Marine Corps League Detachment 901 Detachments Marine of the Year for 2022 Selected by the detachment for above and beyond service.

He has also completed more than 20 Missing in American projects as an escort rider.  This project ensures that our deceased veterans that have no family get a proper burial and honorable sendoff form this world.

Hugues has also volunteered over 350 hours for Toys for Tots program in Pinal County from 2019 to 2023 and delivered over 7,500 toys to local Families in Pinal County during this time and is scheduled to work the 2024 campaign again.

Home Phone
Cell Phone
Juan (Joe) Uribe
Sr. Vice Commandant
Frank Alger
Jr. Vice Commandant
Ernie Saori
Judge Advocate
Hugues Byrne
Jr. Past Dept Commandant
Roger Smith
MODD AZ Pack Leader
Pat Connell
Dick Jennings
Nat'l Vice CMDT SW DIV
Jim Loorya
Chief of Staff
David Caballero
AUX Southwest Division Vice President
Chaplain/ Asst Zoom
Sylvia Quigley
Service Officer/Zoom Admin
Juan (Joe) Uribe
Gary Anderson
Assistant Paymaster
Frank Hofmann
Tom Turks
Raul Rodriguez
Budget Committee Chair
Bob Wallace
Public Relations
Bill Sahno
Marines Assisting Marines
Don Stephens
Protocol Officer
Antonio Espino
Mitchell Miramontes
Mike Myers
Scholarship Chair/Budget Committee
Gayle Smith
ADC-Terr/Lake Hav/Kingman
Warren Quirk
ADC-Fntn Hills/East Valley/Sag
Juan (Joe) Uribe
Pete Constancia
Marine for Life
Michael Raymond
Parliamentary/Marine for Life
Matt McMahon
Viet Nam Veterans Coordinator
Greg Fiore
Unified Arizona Veterans
Dan Zuczek
Budget Committee
Bud Watts
Dept Tax Consultant
Social Media/MAMSocial Media/ACMF/Be Connected
Michael Marzano
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