Marine Corps League
Notice of Death

1)Detachment Chaplain fills out the form then sends a copy to the Department Chaplain retaining a copy for detachment records.

2)Department Chaplain sends a copy to the Marine Corps League National Headquarters and National Chaplain retaining a copy for department records.

3)Detachment Paymaster must attach this form when submitting a Notice of Death via Transmittal.

Funding Request Form

Please complete the attached form and submit it to the Department Adjutant in lieu of making a motion or request from the floor of a convention or conference. Any motion from the floor or request for funds that have not followed the new procedure will be tabled indefinitely until the proper procedures are followed. We would ask your support in this matter. We are committed as an organization to charitable giving that supports our National, Department and Detachments charters. Please help us with this process.

It's not hard the Detachment just needs six to ten committed workers. Others from detachments that have previously hosted one on will give you information if you just contact them. We are a TEAM so lets work together.


Remember this is your department, make it the best.


PDD Roger Smith,