I may walk among the sheep, but make no mistake,

 I am the devil dog!

The Military Order of the Devil Dogs is the fun and honor society of the Marine Corps League.

Our Worthy Pack Leader has called a Department Growl for the 3rd of October 2020 at 13:15.  All elected officers should do their best to be there to be sworn in.  He is currently taking orders for what you would like in your food dish.  There is no convenient place to eat next to the DAV so kibble will be provided by the pack. 

I am an American: I was born in France.  I have held the title of United States Marine, and understand the commitment of holding the title, Devil Dog.  It is a tradition born at Belleau Wood in the year 1918, of a Force In Readiness and the "First To Fight".  As a Devil Dog, I ask no quarter and give no quarter.  I will do everything in my power to uphold the objectives of the Military Order of Devil Dogs and to carry out my duties to a swift and satisfactory completion.

It's not just fun and games


It is the underlying purpose of what we do that gives meaning to all of it. Every year we gather in a different part of the country and present our donation to Children’s and Veteran’s Hospitals. 


Last year at Billings Montana, the MODD gave a $50,000 donation to the Billings Pediatric Infusion Center. That donation will go far in helping improve the care that children will receive at that center.

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