Old Glory

A patrioic Tribute to old Glory

This years Commandant Council focused on the different ways we can raise Funds.  These are just a few ideas your Detachment can try.  The PDF on the left can be downloaded for your use anywhere, anytime... Big Shout out to Terry Flannigan for all his work!

Jack Holder.jpg

Jack is a World War II Navy veteran. He was stationed on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th 1941. He can still remember seeing the faces of low flying Japanese pilots as they tried to machine gun him and his comrades as they took shelter in a drainage ditch.   He survived Pearl Harbor and later flew PBY missions during the battles of Midway and Guadalcanal.  He also flew anti-submarine missions in a B24 bomber in the English Channel prior to the D-Day invasion. 


He is the author of a book about his WWII experience titled “Fear, Adrenaline and Excitement, The Jack Holder Story”. It is published by WaveCloud Corporation and available at Amazon.com.  His web site is  JackHolder.org