Old Glory

A patrioic Tribute to old Glory

There are many different ways we can raise Funds.  These are just a few ideas your Detachment can try.  The PDF on the left can be downloaded for your use anywhere, anytime... Big Shout out to Terry Flannigan for all his work!


 Lawrence R Brown, (Larry)




First, I want to say a thank you to all the Department that had prayed for my wife and I through the Covid-19, delta variant we had from September to December. We are coming back strong, still got some brain fog, and some eye issues and my wife a cough but we are doing great.


I sent a note out for Christmas, and New Year’s I would have hoped each Commandant had disseminated through the ranks of our grassroot detachments and do for all my messages  to the Department detachments, so all members have a chance to know what we are doing as  we go forth into a new year and to the end of my tour of duty for you. I have had really enjoyed working for you and bringing our department into focus with National Headquarters and got great reviews from our national officers. But I owe every comment we get from all, to our staff of officers we have put together. And continue to be a prosperous department.


I want to mention that we have a Spring Conference (Staff Meetings) coming up the end of February 25, 26, 2022 at the Holiday Inn in Glendale I do hope that we have a great turn out for it. All the information is on the website and the information on the hotel is on the Site Calendar at  www.deptazmcl.org.

We apologize for the cost, but its out of our control. The cutoff date is January 30th, and the rate is $139, with taxes the total is $160.09 per night. The hotel is brand new and just opened recently. I will be sending this message for the month out early to comply with certain dates within.



I want to thank our 50th Anniversary Chair Bob Wallace for the outstanding job of getting the Ribbon and the Coins approved through our National Office to be added to the Ribbon chart at National we will be the second to last posted on the Chart  when the new charts come out. On October 21st, and 22nd, 2022 will be the date in Prescott Resort and Conference Center for the Fall Conference and the 5oth Anniversary Banquet. In order, to get your ribbon, you must be present to receive one. So please watch the for the news on this and stay up on it. I am sure we will sell out at the Conference and the Banquet. This will be an everlasting memory event. Until the 75th and 100th gets here. I would also like to thank Juan ‘Joe” Uribe from Detachment 1126 for the design of the Coin and ribbon for our 50th event. He was the winning vote in our contest, number one of the three entries submitted. Also, would like to thank the second runner up Terry Flanagan from Detachment 887, for his entry as well, and the third candidate was Steve Peterson from White Tank Mountain Detachment 1246, Thank you all for your wonderful designs, sorry we could not use them all but, only one could work. Your department has gotten word of the presence of the National Commandant Johnny Baker Ret. Sgt/Maj. and the Chief Operations Officer Marine Bob Borka  will be in attendance for the 50th Anniversary and the two-day Staff Meeting for Fall.  At the very end of this paragraph, I got two emails stating they have accepted and will be, in attendance at the Fall Staff Meeting October 21, and 22, 2022.  Our 50th celebration as well. Ooh-Rah!


I have pulled down the search for a new Quartermaster, Mike Myers is getting better daily and will maintain the Chair for the Quartermaster billet and will keep working that position and bringing great items for your purchase. Just give Marine Meyers a call for all your product needs. He is on the website roster or telephone him at 1-928-273-2324 or email him at  sgtmikeusmc13@aol.com. Or visit the website at, www.deptazmcl.org.


By now, all have gotten the January 10th, 2022. National Roster, go over your rosters and contact all those who have not paid their dues and entice them to send it in let us bring the Departments 566 Unpaid members back into the fold. We need to be strong and resolute; we need to be a TEAM we need to be what we are Committed being “Marine Veterans and Proud of it.” Also check each roster out for Deceased names moved out of town drop out of the league paid up their dues from the unpaid list any other changes you have to the roster. Contact the Paymaster Mike Noble with changes. Email the changes to Mike at m.d.noble@msn.com, At the time of this writing Nighthawk72 Detachment 1344 had sent their revised roster in good show Marine Gayle Smith. Hope all Paymasters and Commandants go through your rosters and get them straight and correct so we can straighten out the rosters at National. Your efforts on this will be rewarding for all, on the rosters coming out.


As of this writing on the 10th when I started this message the totals for the Department Membership were slowly creeping into me, and here are the finals for the department structure on a whole.

Life  Members; 673, Assoc-Life-136,Multi Life-11 Total= 820. Paid Reg. Members; 276, Assoc-167, Multi-2, Total= 445 Paid Total Paid Members = 1270. Total Unpaid Members are= 566 Projected 100% would be 1831 if we work hard at bringing them back. And with two renewals from Gayle Smith changes the 568 counts down to 566. What say you Marines and Associates and Friends. Can we, do it?


This will be the final chance to get you interested in the possibility of running for a position on the board or volunteering to fill chair positions on the Staff. We need good and dedicated members to step forward and help make our department the best in the League especially our Southwest Division, and with your help it can be done. What say you? Write your letter of intent up and mail to the Department Adjutant Rodger Shuttleworth at 11215 N Teller Dr Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.

Must be post marked no later them February 15, 2022.

It is not hard to be a officer just follow the officers guide book you can read that in the National Library, ask any Commandant or email me or email the Paymaster Mike Noble he would be glad to assist in getting you in the library with ease, Go to https://www.mcleaguelibrary.org/member-library/ Password is dd4.


This date 1-14-2022, I am inundated with emails and phone conversations concerning the flu bug going around they are calling it omicron. I have talked to the National SW Commandant Connell, the Hosting Detachment Old Breed 767 Commandant Ron Donaldson, I called The Governor’s Office for any protocol in the increasing worries people are having I will call the Maricopa County office tomorrow for any changes may be coming our way. The Hotel said they are protocol enhanced and clean by Covid protocol. So the majority of the votes coming in want the Staff meeting to take place and  so National has no plans to defer off course and so it appears we keep our plans unless from now to the deadline of January 30th comes around it will be still on unless we have mandates or special problems come up, it is on and I must follow the ByLaws of the organization. Until some orders come out differently.