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Within the detachment, there is no award higher than that of the "Marine of the Year" that can be bestowed upon a Marine Corps League member by the Marine of the Year Society.


All detachments have a Marine who performs and displays the dedication, leadership qualities and principles of a good Marine above all others.


It is this Marine who is always willing to roll up his/her sleeves to do that tough job, the daunting tasks or put in the long hours of personal sacrifice, without hopes of reward, all to achieve the goals of the detachment and the Marine Corps League.  All of this is evaluated through the Marines participation, and noteworthy accomplishments, perseverance and devotion to duty.


"Marine of the Year" is the award to recognize that special Marine.


To learn more about the Marine Of the Year Society INFORMATION---


Dept of AZ Nomination Form--

REMEMBER--ALL nominations need to be to the Department Adjutant by March 1st every year.


2023    Mike Noble                    Verde Valley #1176

2022    Bud Watts                      Lake Havasu #757
2021    Mike Myers                   Copper State #906
2020    Pat Connell                    Old Breed #767
2019    Phil Yin   (dec)               Fountain Hills #1439
2018    Gayle Smith                    Nighthawk 72 #1344
2017    Thomas Blair                  White Tank Mountain #1246
2016    David F. Stockwell          Copper State #906
2015    Larry Brown  (dec)          White Tank Mountain #1246
2014    Robert Wallace               Copper State #906
2013    Manuel Lugo                   Ira Hayes #002
2012    Lloyd Dellacort                Sedona #1237
2011    Don Lavetter                    Nighthawk 72 #1344
2010    Gene Burns                      Lake Havasu #757
2009    Charlie Crick                   Sedona #1237
2008    Stewart Fraiser                Copper State #906
2007    Mike Andrichack (dec)     Copper State #906
2006    Frank J. Wienke (dec)       Saguaro #554
2005                      No Award    
2004    Milton L. Cruver                San Francisco Peaks #912
2003    Robert Bohach                  Old Breed #767
2002    Kenneth R. Pitts                Ira Hayes #002
2001    Frank Gonzales                 Old Breed #767
2000    Richard Broderick (dec)    San Francisco Peaks #912
1999    Phillip C. Carper  (dec)     USS Arizona #517
1998    Robert C. Canright (dec)   Saguaro #554
1997    Jack H. Day (dec)             Pvt. Joe Hardt #818
1996    Donald D. Davis                Pvt. Joe Hardt #818
1995    Nick DeFelice                  Lake Havasu #757
1994    Alex V. Romero (dec)       Tucson #007
1993    Lee S. Shaffer (dec)         USS Arizona #517
1992    Joe Gianninto (dec)          Lake Havasu #757
1991    Benjamin Rivera (dec)      Tucson #007
1990    Donald L. Frost (dec)        Ira Hayes #002
1989    Bobby Hughes (dec)         Tucson #007
1988                   No Award    
1987    Edward Skicewicz (dec)    Tucson #007
1986    Norma J. Gallagher (dec)   Tucson #007
1985    Andy Y. Herreras (dec)       Tucson #007
1984    Hector Dorame (dec)          Tucson #007
1983    Thomas A. Gulino (dec)      Tucson #007
1982    Gary Smith                         Ira Hayes #002
1981    Bert Q. Rincon (dec)          Tucson #007
1980    Gilbert Franco                   Tucson #007
1979    Harold Don (dec)               Tucson #007
1978    Edward D. MacIntyre (dec)  Ira Hayes #002
1977    Robert I. Matlack (dec)       Ira Hayes #002
1976    Thomas O. Price (dec)        Tucson #007
1975    Joseph J. Ryan (dec)           Ira Hayes #002
1974    Harold M. Keller (dec)        Tucson #007
1973    Chester Olson (dec)             Ira Hayes #002

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