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I hold the title of United States Marine, and understand the commitment of holding the title, Devil Dog. It is a tradition born at Belleau Wood in the year 1918, of a Force In Readiness and the "First To Fight". ... The Military Order of the Devil Dogs is the fun and honor society of the Marine Corps League.





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Message from the Commandant

To All Hands:  Welcome to another edition of the Commandant’s Monthly Message. I assume that some are straggling back from  summer vacations and such, and some, like myself, just stayed here and enjoyed the heat, until I stubbed my toe at home and damaged the toenail.  Wow wee, did that hurt! We were worried about that since I have diabetes and the nail had to be removed and were wondering about infection setting in. But my wife took care of it, changed it every day and kept it clean.  Miss “Dr. Claire” did an outstanding job. Ooh-Rah! What a great home doctor she is.

I wish to welcome back all those that had attended the National Convention in Springfield, IL. and those Dogs from Arizona who became new Pedigree Devil Dogs. Woof, Woof, my trusted  brothers of the MODD.  I also wish to thank all the members of the Old Breed Detachment #767  for attending the Convention, they always seem to have a grand turn out each year.

I wish to start preparing all for the upcoming  2021 Fall Conference in Lake Havasu City. I am sorry to say that we are traveling twice in a row to Lake Havasu, but they were the only Detachment to step up and host this most important department meeting as we close out our department meeting schedule for the year.  


Moving forward, the March 2022 Spring Conference will be in Glendale AZ, and hosted by the Old Breed Detachment with Commandant Donaldson. I wish to express my personal thanks to all members of the Old  Breed Detachment for stepping up to host this important department meeting.  The next  department meeting will be the 2022 June Department State Convention which will be hosted by the Tucson Detachment #007.  Plans are being developed in support of that most important meeting and more information provided when available.  And finally, the “Special Event” for our department will be the 2022 Fall Conference which will be hosted by Commandant Richard Bell and the Copper State Detachment #906.  The highlight of this meeting will be to honor the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Arizona.  The Conference will be held at the Prescott Resort and Casino, and it should make for an outstanding event for all.


Projecting into calendar year 2023, we will travel to the southern part of the State where our 2023 Spring Conference will be hosted by the Thunder Mountain Detachment #1283 in Sierra Vista.  The June State Convention and Fall Conference are still open for hosting.  I am delighted to say that we are making progress in getting our detachments to roger up and host our important department meetings.  I  would ask, won’t someone like Flagstaff/Verde Valley/Sedona, East Mesa/Casa Grande/Kingman/South Phoenix Ira Hayes and some of the others, please step up and help?

Some important events have surfaced since our last message, and I wish to ensure that everyone is up to speed on what has, and is, happening.  First and foremost, if you have not filed an Arizona Veteran’s Organization Registration Form , you must do so immediately. 

As Department Commandant, I ask all Detachment Commandants to ensure that we follow what our Department Paymaster has presented and advised us to do.  Again, I remind all hands that your annual membership dues must be submitted NLT 30 September 2021.  If you have not submitted your membership dues, please do so ASAP.  Furthermore, Paid Life Member (PLM) rosters were sent out to all detachments during June of this year.  Please ensure that your PLM data is current and up to date.

As far as our upcoming Fall Conference is concerned, the agenda must be completed 30 days prior to the scheduled dates of 8-9 October 2021.  More detailed information will be forthcoming as it is developed.  The theme for our Conference will be the “Social Media Forum”.  We are honored to have retired USAF Colonel Wanda Wright, present Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans Affairs, as our guest speaker.  This is your chance to meet and greet her.  As you know, the main conference will be held on Saturday, 9 October, and  it will be action packed with vital information for all.  Spread the word to all hands and see that they are invited to attend this very important meeting.  Our meeting breaks will be scheduled to accommodate those who plan to attend for the two-day meeting as well as those who plan to just attend the main conference.  We will do our best to accommodate all.

Finally, I wish to ask for your assistance in helping our department procure the special anniversary coins and ribbons which commemorate our departments 50th  anniversary.  There will be a cut-off date for the submission of checks, and I urge all who wish to participate to get on board now because they won’t be around much longer.  Don’t miss out on this special event and this special opportunity to get an Anniversary coin and ribbon which can be worn on your uniform along with your other MCL ribbons.  This is our opportunity to have the honor and privilege to commemorate this milestone in our department’s history.  I shall ask our Department Paymaster to provide the details associated with this project in a separate message to all hands. This is a very special, one-time opportunity for all of us to pay tribute to all who worked so hard to bring our department to this point in time and celebrate the occasion accordingly.


We all have come a long way since our charter as a department, and we have achieved much by working together as a cohesive TEAM.  Let’s continue the march!

Best Wishes to all and, “Semper Fidelis!”




Lawrence R. Brown (Larry)

Az-Commandant, Dept. of AZ, MCL.



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Marines’ Hymn Lyrics


From the Halls of Montezuma

To the Shores of Tripoli;

We fight our country's battles

In the air, on land and sea;

First to fight for right and freedom

And to keep our honor clean;

We are proud to claim the title

of United States Marine.


Our flag's unfurled to every breeze

From dawn to setting sun;

We have fought in ev'ry clime and place

Where we could take a gun;

In the snow of far-off Northern lands

And in sunny tropic scenes;

You will find us always on the job

The United States Marines.


Here's health to you and to our Corps

Which we are proud to serve

In many a strife we've fought for life

And never lost our nerve;

If the Army and the Navy

Ever look on Heaven's scenes;

They will find the streets are guarded

By United States Marines.