September Department Chaplains Thoughts

Detachment Chaplains and Commandants,

            I know we all had a busy summer and now we are getting back to settling down with our regular schedules.  I hope you all had a great Labor day and now that we are back into full swing with our jobs, families, and Marine Corps League we need to look at our plan for the rest of the year.  Remember that we MUST NOT QUIT our work and growth of our Detachments. In Galatians 6:9 we read "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."  I know that many times we think that the burden is too big for us to carry but do not dismay we are making a difference and if we continue on we will come through as GOLD.

We have many people that we touch every day and many of those need our compassion and camaraderie.  They need to know that someone cares and has gone through what they are going through and have made it through and are now living successful lives.  Our brothers and sisters need to know that they have somewhere to go, someone to talk to, and the support to carry on.  We have brothers and sister out there that need our outreach where that be at the swap meet, gun show, standing in front of a market place.  Just seeing us and being able to talk to us realizing that there are others of like mind the can gather strength from makes all the difference in the world to them.  We may not see this.  We may not know the impact that we have in someone’s life but we must carry on and continue getting out and making a difference in the community and being the light for our brothers and sister in arms.

Chaplains, we must remember that our duty to our members is to be there in their time of trial.  We are the one person that should be reaching out and ensuring that our people are well and if there is a need, we need to bring that to the attention of the Detachment officers and get our families the assistance that they need.  Also, remember that I have a Dropbox that is full of resources for you to be successful as your Detachment Chaplain.  Below My signature is a quick reminder that there is a Job Fair on September 21.  Please pass this around to those that you feel would benefit from this event.

See you here, there, or in the air
Frank (Gunny) Alger, USMC (ret), MAEd/AET, ACS, ALB
Chaplain, Department of AZ MCL, VFW Post 1760, and ALR Post 39
Adjutant/MCL Liaison YM Division 6

Commander, Grand Canyon Regiment Young Marines
Executive Officer/Training Officer, East Valley Young Marines

Veteran Volunteer, Joe Foss Institute

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